All songs written by SoccerPractise


Thom Burton

Leo Horgan

Geneva Alexander-Marsters


Recorded by Paddy Hill @ Roundhead Studios, 

Auckland, New Zealand 

Mixed by SoccerPractise and Paddy Hill @Roundhead Studios,

Auckland, New Zealand


Produced by Thom Burton,

Leo Horgan and Paddy Hill 


Mastered at Bring It On Studios, Auckland, New Zealand


Videos and animation created by Erica Sklenars (ig: @ladylazerlight) and Dan Harris

(ig: @illojgali)


ALBUM COVER photography by Samuel Hartnett

layout and design by thom burton


Management:  Manu Taylor: WWW.45rpm.CO.NZ


This album was made with SUPPORT from New Zealand On Air

c and p Kartel Music 2019